Mr Singer has had extensive experience in this field in his NHS and private practice.  The National Joint Registry UK outlines his practice profile.

He assess each patient carefully for the cause of failure of the implant.  He will explain the planned procedure to remove the old implant, assess the remaining bone and insert a new prosthesis.  He will perform bone grafting where necessary.  Should the diagnosis include infection then Mr Singer will work with his microbiology colleagues to use the best antibiotics to eradicate the infection.  The enhanced recovery program is used. Mr Singer continues to produce research on revision hips.

Loosening left hip needing revision


Left hip post-revision 7 years post-op



Testimonial from Patient:

"I first met Mr Singer in 2003.  I had previously had 2 surgeries on my hip by another surgeon and sadly the second operation had not been successful and I was facing the possibility of life in a wheelchair.  I am a very active man – this was not an option as far as I was concerned.  Mr Singer took my case on and ‘rebuilt’ my hip.  I can’t thank him enough.  Since my operation, 11 years ago I have travelled to some wonderful places.  I have been to Alaska and the Caribbean and many countries in-between.  I could not have done this without Mr Singer’s expertise."